Google expands automated message delivery via Business Profiles FAQs

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As per the recent post by Barry Schwartz  Google has added a new feature to help businesses automated some of the responses to questions submitted through their Google Maps and Google Search business listings. This new feature is part of your Google Business Profile and can be managed under the FAQs section of the messaging section.

Automated messaging. Google added a feature where you, as the business, can suggest questions people can ask your business when they start a chat and then set up automated responses to those questions. This is called frequently asked questions.

Where to find it. You can find this in Google Search by searching for “my business” or your business name. Then click on the “Customers” button and click on “Messages.” In that section then click on the three vertical dots and then click on “Message settings” and then “Manage frequently asked questions.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the FAQs section:

FAQs section
FAQs section

Here is the FAQ entry form:

FAQ entry form
FAQ entry form

More details. Stefan Somborac, who first spotted this and posted about it on Twitter, explained you can create up to ten FAQs, each question has a 40-character limit and each answer has a 500-character limit. Plus, you can include links in your answers.

Why we care. GMB Briefcase identified this pain and solved long back for our subscriber with GMB Briefcase Bulk Q.A Import and GMB Chatter Modules . Messaging in Google Maps and Google Search can be great for customers but many businesses do not have the resources to respond to such questions in a timely manner. FAQs and automated responses can help these businesses respond to customers in a much more timely fashion, improving customer satisfaction and business resources.​ Try our unified solution to boost your sales and support using  GMB Briefcase + GMB Chatter Combo…

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