Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy: Track Your GMB Ranking Across GPS Coordinates with Geo-Grid Rank Tracker

Geo-Grid Rank Tracker

With GMBBriefcase’s Geo-Grid Rank Tracker, you can simulate map searches and monitor your Google My Business (GMB) ranking across various GPS coordinates for targeted keywords. This powerful feature helps you understand your local search performance, enabling you to optimize your SEO strategy effectively.
GMBBriefcase’s Geo-Grid Rank Tracker empowers businesses to monitor and optimize their local SEO efforts by providing detailed insights into GMB rankings across various GPS coordinates. With features like one-time and scheduled rank checks, competitor tracking, shareable URLs, historical data analysis, and customizable grid sizes, this tool is essential for businesses aiming to improve their local search performance. Whether you’re a service area business or a brick-and-mortar store, GMBBriefcase’s Geo-Grid Rank Tracker offers the precision and flexibility you need to stay ahead in local search results.

Key Benefits

One-Time and Scheduled Rank Checks

Run rank checks either as a one-time analysis or on a scheduled basis to keep track of your GMB performance over time. Stay updated with your rankings without manual intervention.

Competitor Tracking

Monitor your competitors by tracking their key data. Understand their strengths and weaknesses to refine your own SEO tactics and gain a competitive edge.

Shareable URLs

Generate shareable URLs of your rank check results to easily share insights with clients or team members. This feature facilitates transparent communication and collaboration.

Historical Data View

Access historical data for your keywords to analyze trends and measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategies over time. Make data-driven decisions with a clear understanding of past performance.

Export Results

Export your rank check results to CSV or image formats for detailed analysis and reporting. This flexibility ensures you can work with the data in the format that suits you best.

Rank Check in Meters and Miles

Customize your rank checks to display results in either meters or miles, catering to your specific business needs and providing precise local search insights.

Manual and Automated Map Pins

Place map pins manually or automatically to define the exact areas you want to track. This feature allows for precise control over your local search monitoring.

Multiple Grid Sizes

Utilize six different grid sizes to tailor your rank tracking to your specific geographic area. Whether you’re a small local business or a larger regional company, you can adjust the grid to fit your needs.

Track SAB and Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Track rankings for both Service Area Businesses (SAB) and brick-and-mortar locations. Ensure comprehensive coverage and insights for all types of business setups.


Q: How does the Geo-Grid Rank Tracker work?

A: The Geo-Grid Rank Tracker simulates map searches to monitor your GMB ranking across different GPS coordinates for specified keywords. This helps you understand your local search performance more accurately.

Q: Can I schedule rank checks with the Geo-Grid Rank Tracker?

A: Yes, you can run both one-time and scheduled rank checks to keep track of your GMB performance over time without needing to manually initiate checks.

Q: What formats can I export my rank check results in?

A: You can export your rank check results to CSV or image formats, allowing for detailed analysis and easy sharing of insights.

Q: How can I share my rank check results with clients or team members?

A: You can generate shareable URLs of your rank check results, making it easy to communicate insights and collaborate with clients or team members.


Q: Does the Geo-Grid Rank Tracker support both service area businesses and brick-and-mortar locations?

A: Yes, the Geo-Grid Rank Tracker is designed to support both service area businesses (SAB) and brick-and-mortar locations, ensuring comprehensive local search monitoring for all types of businesses.

Which are supported grid sizes?

We support six grid size 3X3,5X5,7X7,9X9,11X11,13X13

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