Can I Change My Google Business Name?

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change google my business name

Can I Change Google My Business Name ?

The Short answer is Yes.
If you have a business on Google, then you must be aware of Google My Business (GMB) Services. That enables one to reach out to customers on Global as well as local levels. But once we decided and registered our business with a specific name. Then can we change it in future because of any reason..? 


Yes, in today’s article, we will look deep into Google My Business and how can I change my Google Business name with the help of this step by step guide. Before looking into the actual process of changing the name, let’s first look at some tips and notes related to the results of our change.

Notes and Tips on can we change our Google Business name


  • After submitting for the change in the name, the status of information that you have either resubmitted or edited will be under review.


  • The change in the name can become a pain in many ways just as, it can trigger the request for re-verification of listing or even suspension because google may need to verify the eligibility of the new name.


  • When you change your Google Business name, then you will have to change the name in the real world. Like Outdoor signs, websites, Marketing Materials that should match the new name properly.


  • Whenever there is a mismatch in the details then Google takes it seriously. Thus, after submitting for the name change. You have to make changes in your business name on other digital properties like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yellowpages and many more. But if you do not make the changes, then google can suspend your listing because of conflicting information about your business.


  • Spamming can also become result in your suspension of listing. But, what does it imply..? here it is, Your Business name must match with a real-world name. And it must be used consistently on the website, stationary, and known by customers. But, if you requested the change in the name by adding some extra words related to your service, Category, Products or even City, Town, the village. Then it can be considered spamming and may result in your listing being suspended.


  • Everyone knows that the response or feedback from trustable and neutral third parties is essential for your business and, Google understands it. And, if changing your Business name can affect those reviews then, you may have to think twice before making changes. Thus you are thinking of making changes under the specific criteria, which are mentioned below, then you will not lose your precious reviews otherwise, it will be considered as a New Business.


First Criteria

You are doing only minor changes.

For example, your Business name is “Suresh Moonlight Cafe” and you are doing only minor changes like “Suresha Moonlight Cafe” or similar then you will fall under this category and your reviews will remain with your listing.


Second Criteria

You have multiple locations and Business name changes,


For example, we will take a similar example as before, if you have your business in multiple locations then you may have to change your names as per local language. which falls under this criteria.


Can I Change My Business Name on Google My Business?


Make sure you have primary owner access for your business. Check this blog if you don’t know How to Request Access to Google My Business
Now Starting with the actual process to change your Business name on google we will just follow some steps and instructions to submit the request for making official changes.


Follow the given steps to change your Business name on Google


Step 1: Sign in to your Google account by entering your email or phone no and password on the desktop or laptop. 

Step 2: Go to the Google dashboard, where you will see nine dots square at the up right-hand corner of the screen and click on it. Through this, you will be able to see Google my business icon.




Step 2: You can search directly on the Search Engine for Google My Business and, in the SERP click on the first link for Google my Business.

how to change business name


Step 3: Now login into your dashboard after, that you will have to open the Main menu of the left corner, where you may see the option as info.

change business name


Step 4: Click on it, which will lead you to the info page of your business from there, you can edit your Business name by hitting the pencil icon and changing the name after removing the old name from the box.

google my business name change

Step 5: It will ask you to apply the changes, then click on the apply button

changing gmb name

And that’s How you can change your Business name on google with ease without worrying about complex things, but make sure to keep a keen eye on Google My Business new announcement with us.


Google is going to make several changes in the current Google my Business Dashboard system of 2022-23, thus it will be very best to stay tuned with us.

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