How To Delete Your Google My Business Account In 2024

A Google My Business account is helpful because it can drive more customers to your business. In any other case, there is no reason to have and manage a listing. So, you can learn how to delete your Google My Business account in this post.

delete google my business account

A Google My Business listing provides your potential customers with your contact details that allow them to find you. When Google confuses your customers or provides them wrong information, you can consider deleting or closing your listings. Closing a business is another reason why people delete their accounts.

Usual reasons for businesses deciding to delete their Google Business Profile

  1. The business is permanently closed
  2. The business address changed
  3. There are duplicate listings
  4. The owner sold the business
  5. There are negative Google reviews

How To Delete A Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business account can include many business listings, so you need to remove the one that does not serve you anymore and then delete it.

You need a Primary Owner Access to Remove Your Listing. You can read this blog for Requesting access to Google My Business

You can follow a few simple steps to delete any listing. Before getting started, log in to your Google My Business account from a desktop computer and do the following:

  1. Go to Businesses on the sidebar
  2. Click the edit icon to the business that you want to remove.

steps to delete google my business account

  1. On the next page, click “Mark as permanently closed” to inform Google that the business is now closed.

permanent delete google my business

  1. Next, select “Close Business“.

close your google my business account

  1. When you close your business on Google, you can click “remove listing” from your Google My Business account to delete it.

remove your business data

How To Delete Multiple Business Listings From Google

The previous process applies when you want to delete one listing. But you also have the option to close or remove multiple business listings at once. You can follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the page with the business listings and tick the checkboxes to the left of each business you wish to delete.
  2. Click the button “Actions” that you can see at the top of the list.
  3. It will show you a dropdown menu. You can choose to close all the selected businesses permanently or delete them from your business listings.

If you choose to delete all these business listings, you would successfully remove them from your Google My Business account.

remove your business from google

What Happens When You Delete A Business From Your Google My Business Account

When you mark a business as closed and then delete it from your account, Google deletes all the relevant information. So, it will delete your contact details, all the reviews, any images or videos, etc.

If other people type your business on the search box, they can find information about it. But the visibility will be much lower because Google doesn’t want to send people to closed businesses. But Google still ranks mentions of your business from other sources like websites and social media.

Lastly, your business will disappear or get lower visibility on other features like Google Maps. If you decide to delete your business from Google, this action will be permanent.

When to Remove a Google Business Profile

  1. Shutting Down the Business
    If your client has decided to close their business, they may want to remove their Google Business Profile to inform customers of the closure.
  2. Business Sale or Acquisition
    In cases where the business has been sold or acquired, deleting the Google account might be necessary. If your client has purchased another business and is closing down the old one, removing the profile could be appropriate. However, it’s often better to transfer the profile to the new owner instead of deleting it.
  3. Managing Duplicate Profiles
    If your client has control over multiple profiles for the same business, it’s best to merge or delete the duplicates. Google may suspend businesses with duplicate profiles, and having several listings for one business can confuse customers.

Things To Consider Before Deleting A Google My Business Listing

Removing a business from Google is a permanent decision, so you may need to consider other options before this last step.

  1. If you have changed the locations of your business, you can edit the location and any other contact details. It will allow Google to show your business at the right place and save your data.
  2. If you are not the manager of a business listing anymore, you can change ownership instead of deleting and lose all the previous work. Learn How to Transfer Ownership of Google My Business Here
  3. You don’t have to delete a business listing. Google allows you to close it temporarily and reopen it later. This option allows you to reconsider your options later and take advantage of any updates in the future.
  4. Many people want to delete their business listings after getting negative reviews. In this case, it’s a better idea to fix the issues that cause negative reviews. Next, you can try to delete the negative reviews.

If you have really closed your business permanently, you must inform your Google My Business and your customers. In this case, deleting your listing is the best option.


If you want to delete your Google My Business listing, you can follow the steps above for one or more businesses. However, it is a hard decision because Google will not allow you to create a new listing for the same business in the future. You can consider some of the things mentioned above before removing a business from Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happens If I Delete My Google Business Account?

Ans: If you delete your Google my business account, your business listing will be removed from Google Maps and search results. Your customers will no longer be able to find your business online, and you will lose any reviews, photos, and messages associated with your listing.  

Q2. Can You Recover A Deleted Google My Business Account?

Ans: Once you have deleted your account, all of your business information will be permanently removed from Google Maps and search results. If you think you may have accidentally deleted your account, or if you need to delete your account for any reason, we recommend reaching out to Google directly for assistance.  

Q3. How Long Does It Take To Remove My Business From Google?

Ans: Once your listing has been removed, it can take up to a week for the change to be reflected on Google. In the meantime, you can mark your business as “permanently closed” on Google Maps to ensure that potential customers are aware that your business is no longer operating.  

Q4. How to delete a Gmail business account?

Ans: To delete a Gmail business account, log in to your Google My Business dashboard, navigate to the “Info” section, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Close or remove this listing.” Follow the prompts to delete your account.

Q5. Can I delete my Google Business and start over?

Ans: Yes, you can delete your Google Business account and start over by creating a new account. Keep in mind that once you delete your account, you won’t be able to recover any of the previous data, so proceed with caution.

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