Track your keywords on the map.

Geo Grid rank tracker will allow you to simulate the search on different GES Coordinates.
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The Add-on plan is optional, and you can purchase it with any plan. Here is the comparison of the base plan VS the add-on plan.

Features of the Base plan

  • Get Monthly credits as per your plan
  • Rank Check SAB Business
  • Automated Grid Placement
  • Support 6 Grid sizes
  • View Historical Data
  • Export Data to CSV
  • One Click Recheck

Features of the Add-on plan

  • All features of the Base plan
  • Schedule Geo Grid scan¬†
  • Share external URLs with clients
  • Manual Pin drop
  • Use Google Map API for unlimited ran check
  • ¬†


Only 20 licenses per plan are avaiable so hurry up now.


Yes, you can track rank of any business which is not part of your GMB account?

Yes, you can track service area businesses using the SAB mode.

Yes, you can schedule Geo Grid for keywords on a per location basis using either the Places API GeoGrid or the Service Area Business Geo Grid.

You can export Geo Grids to CSV files as well as image.

The Places API only returns businesses that have an address listed. The Service Area Business mode GeoGrid will return both businesses that have an address and businesses that don’t.

The Places API runs on your own Google Places API Keys and you will pay the bill directly. Google offer 200 USD Free Credit every month, and you can do nearly get 12000 credits using it.

Yes, you can share project links with your clients or team members so they can view current and historical data of respective projects and keywords.

The refund period is 30 days, You will get a refund of the amount by deducting the used credit; for example, if you purchased a 100 USD plan and used 500 credits, you will get a refund of 50 USD.